What about your data?

TLDR: Rememories pledges to treat your data with utmost respect. You are in control, always. Concerns? Get in touch.

Giving a 3rd party access to all of your photos can be scary. How do you know this privilege won't be abused?

Rememories will always protect your data as if it was our own. This means we will never sell, spam, or take advantage of the information you share with us. We only save what we need, and discard as much as we can.

You can delete your account including all your data at any point.


The absolute minimum amount of Google Photos' data you share is stored - only what we need to do our job. Specifically, this includes only identifiers to albums and identifiers to specific images. We go directly to Google Photos for Album details and Photo details. This means if you revoke Google Photos access, Rememories has no more access to anything. This means that if you make changes in Google Photos, it will be reflected in Rememories.

For performance reasons, we sometimes cache album and image information in temporary memory for at most 1 hour.

Lastly, you should know that only you and the recipients you specify will see your Rememories unless your Rememory gets reported. Then we have to investigate.

Concerns? Get in touch.