Hey friend πŸ‘‹

Too often, great memories are forgotten about in a dusty photo album on our phones. Rememory exists to bring light to your old photos. Keep the conversations going and connections strong. Who doesn't love a good trip down memory lane?

πŸ’‘ Ideas for how to use Rememory:

  • Birthdays and anniversaries - never miss one ever again
  • Send yourself pictures of your dog or cat 🐢😸
  • Share your cute couples pictures with your partner
  • Recent vacation with friends or family
  • Send kid pictures to your spouse
  • Study abroad recently? Stay in touch
Zach - Creator of Rememories

A little about me

I'm Zach. Full-stack software engineer at Google during the days. Laravel lover, wannabe bootstrapper by night. Outside of coding, I enjoy basketball, video games, snowboarding, campfires and beers with friends.