Share memories. Stay connected.

Brighten the days of loved ones by delivering nostalgic photos to inboxes on a recurring basis. Completely free. Powered by Google Photos.

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Share memories. Stay connected.

Powered by Google Photos

Collections of images are sourced from Albums in Google Photos. This means you can setup Albums based on people's faces (or pets!) with just a few clicks. New images are automatically added to the Album.

Flexible and fun

Recurring schedule is completely flexible. Weekly on Fridays? Daily at 9AM? The choice is yours. Keep the conversations going by setting up Rememories for vacations, events, or trips.

Privacy first, forever

Rememory will always protect your data as if it was our own. This means we will never sell, spam, or take advantage of the information you share with us. We only save what we need, and discard as much as we can. Delete it at any time.

How does it work?

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